Jul 092018
The Hots Are Coming Back

The hots are coming back, Ernie. Yeah…they’re supposed to be here again all week, Wally. When it’s so hot, there’s not much to do except lay around and do a lot of nothing. Um, Ernie…isn’t that what we do most of the time anyways? Hot or not? Well…now we have an excuse for it! Share [read more]

Sep 252017
Turn Off The Heat!

Hey guys. Wally here. What do 2 mancats do on a hot…and we mean hot…autumn day? Take a snooze, of course. Nothing much else to do…it’s too hot! Seems like someone forgot to tell Mother Nature that it’s fall now. I mean, we don’t want snow or anything like that…but 90 degrees? Nope…not at this [read more]

Jul 062012
Formerly Feral - Chillaxin'

Hi, everybuddy.  I’m just chillaxin’ here.  We still got the hots…and now we got the storms, too.  They’re like Mother Nature’s fireworks! So, I’ve been having some problems with my pee (yeah, a girlcat like me can say pee).  I’ve been going to the box a lot and sitting awhile, but not much comes out.  So, the [read more]

Jul 012012
Easy & Lazy E Sunday

The hots are still here and it doesn’t look like they’re leaving anytime soon.  So I’m declaring today as not only Easy Sunday but Lazy Sunday, too!  I’m gonna hang out and do a whole lotta nothing all day.  Anybuddy care to join me?? Oh yeah.  Miss Wendy made me an avatar, too!  And she [read more]

Jun 292012
Formerly Feral - The Hots

The hots are back…in full force.  The cold air blower has been working overtime.  I’m trying to stay cool by airing it all out.  I hope you don’t mind seeing my messy tummy furs.  It’s too hot to care about how my furs look.  I don’t even have the energy to give my mousie there a whap.  [read more]

Aug 012011
Mancats - Hanging Around

Hey, Ernie!  There’s nothing to do… The hots are here and the cold air blowing thingy’s on so that means the windows are closed and watching Bird TV isn’t as much fun.  I know, Wally!  Not much to do ‘cept hang around! Like me!!  ::groan:: Oh, Ernie!! Share Us!FacebookTwitterPinterestGoogle+StumbleUponTumblremail

Jul 192010
Mancats - Go Away Hots!

Hey Wally!!  I’m tired of the hots, aren’t you??  Yeah, Ernie… there’s nothing to do when the hots are here. We can’t even have the windows open ‘cuz the cold air blower is on… I wish the hots would go away, Wally… and take the humids with them, too!!  Oh boys…  Yeah, mom??? Be careful [read more]