Aug 032020
Ernie's New Favorite Spot in the Sunroom

Hi guys. Guess where I’m at? If you said our sunroom…you’d be right! I’ve got a new favorite spot where I like to spend most of time when I’m in here. It’s this table by the window. It’s the purrfect spot for me! I can sit here and keep an eye on everything going on [read more]

Aug 262011
Formerly Feral Flashback

Let’s flashback… I thought it would be fun to re-run one of my posts from the past. This one’s from August 2008. I’d only been an Island Cat for a few months. And y’know what??  This is still true today!! * * * Ah, the Good Life!  I’m living it now!!  No more feral life for me!! Being [read more]

Feb 162010
It's My Gotcha Day!!

It’s my Gotcha Day today!! Two years ago on this day, the guy and the lady with the yellow hair rescued me from a life outside in the cold and snow!  Now I don’t worry about where my next meal will come from or whether I’ll have a warm, safe place to sleep!!  Life on the inside sure is [read more]

Aug 082008
Formerly Feral - The Good Life

Ah, the Good Life!  I’m living it now!  No more feral life for me!! Being an Island Cat, there are things that I get to do now that I never could do when I lived outside.  Like climb on my cat tree. Okay…so it’s not just my cat tree…I have to share it with Wally and Ernie.  [read more]