Oct 062019
Easy E's in The Cat Ball® for Selfie Sunday

Hey guys. You know how I’ve been rediscovering spots that I haven’t hung out in for a while? First it was my scratcher, then my cube. I bet all of you think I couldn’t possibly find any more spots. Well, you would be wrong! Here’s my latest rediscovery. My Cat Ball®! I haven’t used it [read more]

Mar 252018
Easy E's Selfie in the Cat Ball® Sunday

Hey guys. I’m enjoying some time in my Cat Ball® today. Yeah, I know it’s selfie time…but I don’t feel like moving…so I’m gonna take my selfie from here. Sheesh. Why is there all that fuzz on my whiskers?!? Hope you guys don’t mind, but I’m too tired to clean it off. That’s one of [read more]

Jul 302017
Easy E's Selfie in the Cat Ball Sunday

Hey guys. I was hanging out in my Cat Ball the other day and I thought…what the heck…I mise well take my selfie while I’m in here. So I set up the flashy box and… …snapped this one. I think it came out pretty good. Don’t you?? I’m pawticipating in The Cat on My Head’s Sunday Selfies [read more]

Oct 112015
Easy E's Cat Ball Selfie Sunday

I’m doing this week’s selfie from our Cat Ball.  Y’know what I like about this Cat Ball?  It’s really, really dark inside…and being a black cat, when I’m in here, you can hardly see me.  I bet you’re having a hard time seeing me right now, aren’tcha? I like to hide in here.  I’ll hunker [read more]

Apr 292015
What's That Wally Doing?

Hey everybuddy.  Check out our new Cat Ball®!  We’ve been seeing them lately on Facebook and we really really wanted one.  So when I Have Cat recently offered a discount off the the price of The Cat Ball, we begged the mom to get us one…and she did.  Eh…we didn’t have to beg too hard…she’s [read more]