Nov 242016
Happy Thanksgiving!

Here in the U.S. it’s Thanksgiving….a day that we get to eat lots of turkey and watch footsball.  But it’s also a day to remember all the things we’re thankful for. Us Island Cats have so much to be thankful for…like a great forever home, comfy napping spots, lots of toys and tasty food. We’re [read more]

Nov 242011
Happy Thanksgiving!

It’s Thanksgiving here in the U.S….a day that we get to eat lots of turkey and watch footsball.  But it’s also a day to remember all the things we’re thankful for.  Us Island Cats have lots to be thankful for…here’s some of them… Sunpuddles that warm our furs!   Birdie and Bunny TV! A wrasslin’ [read more]

Nov 252010
Happy Thanksgiving!

Hi everybuddy!  Wally here!  Today is Thanksgiving.  And besides being a day where we get some turkey and whipped cream, it’s a day to remember all the great things we have to be thankful for!  Here’s some of ours….  My ladder… and all the other nice comfy cozy napping spots we have! Da Bird… and all [read more]

Thankful Thursday

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Jun 172010
Thankful Thursday

Thank you to everybuddy that came by yesterday and wished me Happy Birthday!!  I hope you all enjoyed the fresh nip and treats!!  Thanks for bringing the ham, Chey!  It went really good with the cheese Lizzie and Connor brought!! I sure had fun day!  I gots lots of head scritches and my favorite stinky [read more]

Apr 302009
Thankful for Awards Thursday

We’ve received a few more awards which we want to acknowledge.  Our furiends, The Creek Cats gave us Neno’s Award!  Thanks!!   This award is for those who love blogging activity and love to encourage friendships through blogging. We love blogging because we get to meet so many interesting kitties from all over the world! We can [read more]

Apr 092009
Another Thankful Thursday

Over the past few weeks we’ve received a couple more awards. Our new furiend, Jasmim, gave us the Lemonade Award!  Thanks, Jasmim!! And our furiends, 4 Boys and A Lady, gave us the Kreativ Blogger Award!   Thanks!! For this award we hafta list 6 things that make us happy.  Here goes: 1.  stinky goodness (of course!) 2.  [read more]

Oct 022008
Thankful Thursday - More Awards

We were honored with some more awards!  So today, on this Thankful Thursday, we wanna pass these on and let everyone know how thankful we are to have them as furriends. We received the BFF Gold Card Award from both The Cat Realm and the gang over at What Lo Knows.  Thanks! We wanna pass this on [read more]