Nov 162015
One Unhappy Mancat

Hey, Wally.  I hear you’re going to the vet today. Yeah, that’s right, Ernie.  I gotta get my teefs cleaned.  I didn’t even know they were dirty. Oh man, that’s a bummer. And y’know what the worst part is, Ernie?  I didn’t get my breakfast this morning.  And I didn’t get my midnight snack last [read more]

May 222012
Teef Update Tuesday

Hey everybuddy!  I survived the teef cleaning ordeal…barely!  Oh, what I went through.  The pain!  The agony!  I tell ya, kitties, it was horrible!  Mom, I can’t believe you put me through this! Now wait a minute, Wally.  You were asleep during the whole procedure.  You didn’t feel a thing! Yeah!  Well, look at me!!  They stole my furs [read more]

May 212012
Not a Happy Mancat

I have to go to the v-e-t today to have my teefs cleaned.  I don’t wanna go, but my mom says I need to have it done so my teefs don’t get any worse and then I’ll have BIG problems.  I sure hope I don’t have to have any teefs pulled like  Marg’s Orange Boy did.  He [read more]