Apr 282019
Easy E's Pearly Whites Selfie Sunday

Hey guys. My selfie for today features my pearly whites. Over the past couple of months, the mom noticed that my breath was kinda stinky. I suggested that some good breath mints could take care of that problem but the mom wasn’t buying it. Then when I was at the vet for a check-up last [read more]

Nov 172015
Tabby Tuesday - I Survived!

Hey everybuddy!  Thanks for all the purrs and prayers and good thoughts.  I survived the teef cleaning ordeal!  Yeah! Check out the bandage badge of courage I got.  The vet tech girls must really like me because they gave me one that matched my furs.  No girly pink one for this mancat. But I didn’t [read more]

Nov 162015
One Unhappy Mancat

Hey, Wally.  I hear you’re going to the vet today. Yeah, that’s right, Ernie.  I gotta get my teefs cleaned.  I didn’t even know they were dirty. Oh man, that’s a bummer. And y’know what the worst part is, Ernie?  I didn’t get my breakfast this morning.  And I didn’t get my midnight snack last [read more]

May 222012
Teef Update Tuesday

Hey everybuddy!  I survived the teef cleaning ordeal…barely!  Oh, what I went through.  The pain!  The agony!  I tell ya, kitties, it was horrible!  Mom, I can’t believe you put me through this! Now wait a minute, Wally.  You were asleep during the whole procedure.  You didn’t feel a thing! Yeah!  Well, look at me!!  They stole my furs [read more]