Jan 082017
Easy E's Too Tired to Take a Selfie Sunday

Hey guys! Check out my mancat cave. Oh, I know…this isn’t really a cave…I’m just under a chair…but from here, I can see everything that’s going on and be comfy while I’m doing it. I think I’ll take my selfie while I’m under here. I’ve got the flashy box all set up and the timer [read more]

Resting Up

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Dec 302016
Resting Up

Whew! What a week of celebration this has been…with Christmas, then Boxing Day, then our Blogoversary. I’m one pooped kitty! But I hear there’s still more celebrating to do…a New Year will soon be here. I’m resting up so I’ll be ready to party some more. If you haven’t pawticipated in our Blogoversary commentathon yet, [read more]

Jun 242015
What's That Wally Doing?

Hey everybuddy.  This is our teepee.  We won this in a giveaway a few years ago…it’s been so long, I can’t remember from where…but it never got used much.  Until recently.  Now I find this is the purrfect spot to get my snooze on. Speaking of giveaways… Make sure you enter our giveaway to win [read more]