Tabby Tuesday

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Sep 022014
Tabby Tuesday

Ha!  Look who’s got the hammick now, everybuddy! Though I must sleep with one eye open ’cause I never know when some big-paw hammick hogger will try to steal it from me. And now for the results of our commentathon for Tabby’s Place.  There were a total of 73 comments…so at 50 cents per comment, [read more]

Feb 022010
Troubled Tabby Tuesday

Well, Punxsutawney Phil, the groundhog, saw his shadow today.  They say that means 6 more weeks of winter!! Why humans rely on a groundhog to predict the weather is beyond me.  Seriously, I think there’d be 6 more weeks of winter anyway…whether some stupid rodent crawled out of a hole and saw his shadow or not!!   I’m [read more]