Apr 302016
Tabby Cats are Special!

Hey everybuddy!  I know we don’t normally post on Saturdays but this Saturday is a day I could not let pass by without acknowledging it.  It’s a day just for me and my fellow tabby cats…National Tabby Cat Day!  Us tabby cats have been waiting FOREVER for a day to celebrate us!  I mean, there’re lots of [read more]

Oct 212008
Tabbies are Special! Tuesday

We tabbies think we’re purrty great, don’t we? But did you know how special we really are?? You know how we have an “M” on our foreheads? Did you ever wonder why?? There’s a story that back long time ago the baby Jesus was in the manger crying really loud!  A small cat cuddled up next to Him [read more]