Sep 292019
Easy E's Guest Selfies Sunday

Hey guys. When the mom was at the shelter taking pictures of some of the shelter cats for our Remember Me Thursday post, a couple of the cats offered to take selfies. So I’m letting them guest star today for Selfie Sunday. Say hello to… Butter Bean and… Pepper Potts. Side note…who picks the names [read more]

Dec 182017
5 Things to Donate to Your Animal Shelter this Holiday Season

Ho ho ho, guys! It’s me, Santa Wally along with my trusty helper, Ernie Elf. ‘Tis the season for giving…and that includes your favorite charities, right? When you’re making out your “who to buy for” gift list and deciding what charities to donate to, don’t forget your local animal shelter or rescue group. They can [read more]

Oct 282016
We Have A House Guest

So have you met her yet, Ernie? Met who? Our house guest. We have a house guest? Guess that means you haven’t met her. Yeah, Ernie…we have a house guest…her name is Sadie and she’s one of the cats from the shelter the mom volunteers with. What’s she doing here, Wally? Well, from what I’ve [read more]

Apr 252016
She Smells Strange

Hey Ernie…did you notice when the mom came home the other day…she smelled really strange.  She smelled like…dare I say it…STRANGE CAT! Yeah, Wally…I smelled it right away.  I wonder what’s going on. I’ll tell you what’s going on, boys. Oh, hi mom.  So why have you been smelling like strange cat lately? I started [read more]

Jan 242011
Mancats - Support Your Shelter

Oh, hi there!!  Our furiend, Brian,  asked us to remind everybuddy the importance of supporting your local animal shelter.  This has been a very cold and snowy winter here in the U.S. so far, and there’s been lots of flooding in Australia and Brazil.  Shelters around the world need help now more than ever!! There’s [read more]