Feb 062011
Easy E's Super Bowl Sunday

It’s Easy E’s Super Bowl Sunday! With Special Guest Star Dad-Guy!!  Hi ya, Ernie!  Are you going to watch the Super Bowl with me? Who do you think’s going to win? Well, let’s see… You got your Pittsburgh Steelers… and your Green Bay Packers…   Hmmmm…Steelers…steel… they make cages out of steel…I don’t like being in a cage! [read more]

Feb 072010
Easy E's Super Bowl Sunday

It’s Easy E’s Super Bowl Sunday with Special Guest Star Wally!! Hey, Wally!  It’s Super Bowl Sunday!! Who do you think’s gonna win the big game today?? Well, Ernie, I dunno… You got your horsies   and your holy people playing each other.  I like horsies… but I think those holy people might have some divine [read more]

Feb 012009
Easy E Super Bowl Sunday

Let’s see…  Beer…check! Chips…check! Hey, dad…we’re ready for the Big Game!! **UPDATE** Okay…NOW we’re ready for the game!!!      VS         Today the Pittsburg Steelers are playing the Arizona Cardinals in the Super Bowl. I think those birdies are gonna get the bitey put on them!! Share Us!FacebookTwitterPinterestStumbleUponTumblremail