Jul 132012
Formerly Feral - A Sunny Day

Hi, everybuddy!  Happy Friday!  I’m enjoying some sun today! Oh yeah, you’re  probably  wondering how my pee situation is going.  Well, I’m doing just fine now…I’m peeing okay.  I’m still taking my pills…I got a couple more days to go.  Y’know, I guess I’m a little different than most cats…I don’t mind taking pills.  Well, it’s not like [read more]

Feb 042011
Formerly Feral - Sun!

Finally!  Some sun! It’s about time after all the white stuff we got!! I’m not moving from this sun puddle!!  Now I wish it would get a little warmer… that’s not too much to ask for, is it?? Share Us!FacebookTwitterPinterestStumbleUponTumblremail

Easy E SUNday

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May 232010
Easy E SUNday

After raining most of the day yesterday, we’re finally getting some sun today.  Quite appropriate since today is SUNday, dontcha think??  Mom was all crabilated yesterday ‘cuz she couldn’t do her flower planting with all that rain.  Maybe she can do some today.  Me??  I’m gonna spend the day doing some sun-snoozing!!  Hope there’s sun wherever you are!! Happy [read more]

Mar 182010
Thankful Thursday

Hey!!  Ernie won 3RD PLACE in Brian’s St. Patrick’s Day Contest for the Best Green Sleeping Area!  And here’s his award!! Thanks, Brian!! And we got the SUNSHINE AWARD…twice!! From Herman and Karen Jo and our buddy, Monty Graycat!!  Thanks!!  Getting it twice brought us a lot of SUNSHINE!! We’re supposed to pass this onto 12 bloggers…but we wanna share this [read more]