Jul 142014
Mancats - What Makes You Happy?

Hey Wally!  So what makes you happy? Ernie…one thing that makes me happy is finding an open window and feeling the sun on my furs and enjoying some delicious window whiffies. Hmmm…I guess that doesn’t include sharing the window… does it, Wally? Nope, Ernie…that did not make my list. Well, guess I’ll take a nap until [read more]

Easy E Sunday

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Apr 062014
Easy E Sunday

♫ ♪ I’m gonna soak up the sun While it’s still free… I’m gonna soak up the sun Before it goes out on me…  ♪ ♫ Yep…that’s right.  We got some sun today and I’m soaking it up ’cause you never know when ol’ Mr. Sun will show up again.  What’re you doing today?

Jul 132012
Formerly Feral - A Sunny Day

Hi, everybuddy!  Happy Friday!  I’m enjoying some sun today! Oh yeah, you’re  probably  wondering how my pee situation is going.  Well, I’m doing just fine now…I’m peeing okay.  I’m still taking my pills…I got a couple more days to go.  Y’know, I guess I’m a little different than most cats…I don’t mind taking pills.  Well, it’s not like [read more]