Feb 112013
Mancats - Sunpuddles!

Hey kitties!  It’s me…Ernie.  While our east coast furiends were dealing with that nasty snow storm, Nemo, me and Wally spent the weekend with some sunpuddles!  Check this one out!  It’s HUGE!! Man, there’s nothing better than snoozing in a sunpuddle, right Wally?? Zzzzzzzzzzzzzz…. Heheheh…I think Wally agrees with me.  To our east coast furiends…we hope you’re all safe [read more]

Aug 272012
Mancats - Sunpuddle Sharing

Hey, Wally…isn’t it great that this sunpuddle is big enough for the both of us? We don’t have to wrassle to see who gets it. I dunno, Ernie…wrasslin’ sounds like fun!  You wanna?? Nah…let’s just enjoy this big sunpuddle while we got it. We can always wrassle later. Ernie…it amazes me how sometimes you can [read more]