Feb 092018
The Cat Who Loved Too Much

Hi everybuddy. You know how much I love my kitty stuffie, don’tcha? I’ve told you about our love affair here and here. But is it possible to love too much? Because my stuffie is now showing some serious signs of too much of my loving. I’ve chewed on its bow tie and licked the fur off [read more]

Dec 092016
The Love Affair Continues #PetBloggerBloopers

Remember my stuffie that l love so much? Well, my love affair with it continues. The lady with the yellow hair calls it “my baby” because I like to pull it to the middle of the bed and sit with it and sometimes give it a bath. I think of it as more of my [read more]

Apr 172015
Formerly Feral - Stuffie CPR

Something terrible has happened, everybuddy. You know how I like to dead my toys, right? Who could forget what I did to Da Bird or my string mousie? And remember when I licked all the furs off of gray mousie? Well, I think I may have gone a little too far and deaded my favorite [read more]

Jan 102014
Formerly Feral - Stuffie Fetish

The lady with the yellow hair says I have a stuffie fetish… ‘specially for this one kitty stuffie on the bed. Seriously…I don’t know why she says that. Could it be because I like to hold this kitty stuffie down… And give it a lick or two… Or three or four… Or five? I dunno…there’s [read more]