Mar 062022
Easy E's Smelly Selfie

Hey guys. No…my selfie isn’t smelly. It’s my house! So the painting strangers are finished and gone…thank cod. But now the house smells stinky…and it’s not from my litter box! Let me tell you…the fumes could knock you out! The mom said I’m exaggerating about the smell but even she admitted it’s annoying. She said [read more]

Jun 082012
Formerly Feral - I'm Hiding

There’s gonna be some strange worker guys in my house today.  The lady with the yellow hair says they’re putting the new carpeting in the family room.  Well, I don’t like strangers in my house…’specially worker guys.  They make way too much noise and it scares me! I’m staying under here until they’re gone!  Let me know when [read more]

Nov 122010
Formerly Feral - Strangers

Y’know, even after all this time that I’ve been living here, I still don’t do well with strangers.  I mean, I can handle being around the lady with the yellow hair and the guy.  But strangers??   They scare me!!  Take the other day, for example.  A stranger came over (they said he was friend of the guy’s) and [read more]