Jan 242020
Heat...It's a Wonderful Thing

Hi everybuddy. I missed Thankful Thursday…but I have something I want to tell you all that I’m very thankful for. HEAT. That’s right. The thing that keeps us warm. Let me tell you why. This house has 2 hot air blowing thingies…one for the main floor and one for the upstairs. About a week ago, [read more]

Jun 082012
Formerly Feral - I'm Hiding

There’s gonna be some strange worker guys in my house today.  The lady with the yellow hair says they’re putting the new carpeting in the family room.  Well, I don’t like strangers in my house…’specially worker guys.  They make way too much noise and it scares me! I’m staying under here until they’re gone!  Let me know when [read more]

Nov 122010
Formerly Feral - Strangers

Y’know, even after all this time that I’ve been living here, I still don’t do well with strangers.  I mean, I can handle being around the lady with the yellow hair and the guy.  But strangers??   They scare me!!  Take the other day, for example.  A stranger came over (they said he was friend of the guy’s) and [read more]