Jul 092012
Sad Mancats

Well, Ernie…the mom’s staycation is over now. She went back to work today. Yeah, Wally…I heard her mumbling something about back to the ol’ grind. Though I don’t understand what a grind has to do with work. She sure looked sad when she walked out the door this morning. She should be, Wally. She won’t be able [read more]

Jul 022012
Mancats - The Mom's Staycation

Hey, Wally…this should be a fun week.  Mom’s on staycation all week and she can spend lots of time with us. I don’t know about that, Ernie.  Not if she’s gonna be sleeping in like she did this morning.  Remember how late our breakfast was?? Yeah, Wally, I was starving!  I thought I was gonna [read more]

Jul 122010
Mancats - Mom's Real Job

Ernie…I’m sad… Mom’s staycation is over and she hadta go back to work today. Yeah, I’m sad too, Wally… who’s gonna play with us and feed us and skritch our heads and give us treats and clean our litterboxes?? Oh, Ernie!  Mom will do all that stuff!! She’ll just hafta do it when she comes home!! But, Wally…isn’t [read more]

Jul 052010
Mancats Chat

 Whew!  It sure has been hot the last couple of days, huh, Ernie?? Yeah, Wally…good thing we’re inside and the cold air blowing thingy’s on!! But do you really hafta cool off your bits?? Ugh!!! Yay!!  Our mom is taking a staycation this week!! We love having her home with us!! Share Us!FacebookTwitterPinterestStumbleUponTumblremail

Jun 292009
ManCats - Mom's Staycation!

Hey, Ernie…did you know mom’s gonna be home all week with us?? Yeah, Wally…she says she’s taking a staycation! We’re gonna have some fun!!! I dunno about that, Ernie…she’s on a cleaning frenzy today! I think we better stay clear of her… or else she’s gonna clean us too!!!  Okay, boys…it’s time to vacuum!! Oh no!  [read more]