The Staredown

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Aug 232019
The Staredown

Hi everybuddy. The lady with the yellow hair is sitting there on the bed playing with her iPhone instead of paying attention to me. So I’m staring her down…waiting for her to stop looking at that stupid phone…and get me some treats. Seriously! What’s more interesting…me or that phone? No contest if you ask me! [read more]

Apr 042011
Mancats - The Cube

Hey!  What’s that Wally doing?? Oh…he’s in the cube! I want in there!! Maybe if I stare at him long and hard, he’ll leave and I can get in! Geez, it’s hard to take a nap when you-know-who is staring at me! I didn’t wanna be in this stupid ol’ cube anyway! I’m outta here!! Yay!  [read more]