Jan 112024
An Interesting Visitor

You guys! Y’know…we see a lot of squirrels around here. Brown ones, gray ones, black ones. Quite the variety. But the other day, I saw one that I hadn’t seen before. ~Cute picture of me…just because~ You’ve heard of tuxedo cats, right? They’re usually mostly black with a white stomach and paws, making them look [read more]

May 282018
Happy Memorial Day!

Hey Ernie…it’s Memorial Day. The unofficial start of summer! Yay! Yep…and the official start of barbecue season, Wally. Oh boy. Here we go again with the barbecue. Okay, Ernie…I’ll play along. So if you could have anything barbecued, what would you have? How ‘bout that squirrel out there, Wally? Really? You want barbecued squirrel? That [read more]

Easy E Sunday

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Jan 062013
Easy E Sunday

Bird TV has been quite entertaining lately.  Probably because the dad-guy feeds the birdie-actors peanuts and sometimes pecans and almonds along with the regular birdie food.  Those birdies sure eat good at our house. Just look at those three fat and sassy blue jays sitting the tree!  I bet they’re waiting for more of the good food!  [read more]

Mar 132009
Formerly Feral - Undercover

The lady with the yellow hair told me that those strange worker guys are almost finished with whatever they’re doing here.  Boy, am I glad!!!  I don’t like those strange worker guys here…they make too much noise and they scare me!!  When they’re here, I spend most my time under the covers on the bed…I feel safe there. [read more]