Feb 232018
No Snow...and Commentathon Results

Well, will you look at that. All the snow is gone. Just a week ago there was a ton of the white stuff out there. But then the temperatures got warmer and it rained…lots and lots of rain…and all the snow melted. Which means there’s been lots of flooding in our area. Fortunately no flooding for [read more]

Nov 212008
Formerly Feral - Safe and Warm

Earlier this week, this was the view from my window… Yep, that’s snow!! And just think… I used to live out there in that stuff!!!  Oh, I’m so happy I live here now… Safe and warm…inside…   On my brand new Ham-Mick!!! (thanks for getting it here so fast, Forty Paws!) Share Us!FacebookTwitterPinterestStumbleUponTumblremail