Mar 282021
Easy E's Hammick Selfie on Sunday

Hey guys. The other day the mom found me here sleeping in Zoey’s hammick. It made her a little bit sad only because she wished Zoey was here to sleep in it herself…but it also made her smile a little bit because she was glad it was being used. I debated whether the time was [read more]

My Snoozing Spots

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Nov 302020
My Snoozing Spots

Hi guys. I’m sure most of you know that us cats sleep around 16-18 hours a day. Now that’s a lot of hours…so having a comfy spot to spend all that time snoozing is critical. Today I’m sharing with you some of my favorite snoozing spots. On the chair. Yeah…it’s a small chair, but it’s [read more]

Oct 242011
Mancats - No Respect

Hmmmm…this isn’t working… I need more room! Ernie…why do you always have to squish in and take my sleeping spot? There’s not enough room for both of us here! Well, Wally…you can always go over to the other side of the chair. But I was here first, Ernie!! You should move!!  Zzzzzzzzzzz…  Ernie??  Ernie?? I [read more]