May 032017
What's That Wally Doing?

Whaddaya mean what am I doing in here? What does it look like?? I’m hanging out in the SkratchKabin. So what if I haven’t been in here in months. I’ve rediscovered what a purrfect spot this is for getting away from it all. I just hope Ernie doesn’t make that same discovery, too. For those [read more]

May 182015
A Mancat SkratchKabin™ Review

Hi everybuddy!  Wally here…along with Ernie…to tell you all about a new cat bed and scratcher that we got to try out and let everybuddy know what we think of it.  It’s the SkratchKabin™…a warm, cozy place for us cats to sleep and hide that has a curved, textured scratching surface.  Now what cat doesn’t like [read more]