Apr 122010
Mancats - Window Sharing?

Hey, Wally!  I wanna come up there and sit in the window, too!  Go away, Ernie…I’m sitting here!!  There’s no room for you!!   You better move over, Wally, ‘cuz I’m coming up there whether you like it or not!! Ernie, I told you!  I’m sitting here and I don’t want you up here! Go find [read more]

Sep 232009
What's That Wally Doing?

 Everyone wants to know… What’s That Wally Doing?   So, that’s it, huh??  Summer’s over.  Bummer!  Don’t get me wrong…I like fall…all the trees turn purrty colors and I like watching the leaves fall and swirl all around when the wind blows…but fall means it’s gonna get cold and we can’t have the windows open. [read more]

Aug 282009
Formerly Feral - Window View

I love sitting in the window watching the world go by…  I see people walking their woofies and people walking their blurpies in strollers and sometimes people just walking…like Walking Guys. Hey!!  What was that??!?  Oh, a birdie!!!  I see lots of them too!! Just once I’d like to get out there and catch me one of [read more]

May 042009
ManCats Window Sharing...Not!

In addition to our 8 foot big screen TV window we have lots of other windows to look out. But even though we got plenty of windows… It never fails… We both wanna be in the same window at the same time… C’mon Wally, move over!  No way, Ernie…I was here first!! Share Us!FacebookTwitterPinterestStumbleUponTumblremail

Feb 112009
What's That Wally Doing?

Everyone wants to know… What’s That Wally Doing? The weather’s been good the last few days… it’s warmer and the sun’s been shining. Most of the white stuff’s melted and you can actually see grass again! I convinced mom to open the window for me to sit in… Whoohoo! Fresh air!!  It’s better than catnip!! I smelled stuff that [read more]