Oct 072019
Soaking Up the Sun

Hey guys. We’re having some sunny weather and I’m soaking up as much sun as I possibly can. Because at this time of year, you never know when Mr. Sun will decide to take a vacation. This sun feels so good…makes me wanna sing… ♪ ♫ I’m gonna soak up the sun…I’m gonna tell everyone…to [read more]

May 042016
What's That Wally Doing?

I hear the birds singing out there… and it makes me want to sing along. Anybuddy care to join me in song? Don’t forget to entered our giveaway to win a Triple T Studios ™ Kitten Tote. This giveaway is for everybuddy…worldwide! Click HERE for details and to enter.

Jan 162013
What's That Wally Doing?

Hey kitties! This is my new thing… climbing up on the cat tree and singing at the top of my lungs! ♫ ♪  ‘O sole mio Sta ‘nfronte a te!  ♫ ♪ Eat your heart out, Pavarotti! The mom says all she hears is “MMMEEEEEOOOOOOWWWW.” Ehh…she just doesn’t appreciate good singing when she hears it.