Feb 212021
Easy E's Silly Face Selfie on Sunday

Hi guys. Thanks to all of you who left such thoughtful comments about Zoey and Wally this past week. They made the mom weepy-eyed…but in a good way. Even the dad shed a tear or two when he read them. I’m still doing my best to comfort the mom. As I mentioned before I’ve been [read more]

May 292016
Easy E's Silly Selfie Sunday

Hey everybuddy!  Check out my silly face selfie.  I know…it’s kinda dark and blurry…but selfies don’t have to be purrfect, right?  And lemme tell ya…this was a difficult selfie to take…with me being upside down and all.  Okay…so I had a little help with it. It’s a holiday weekend here.  So I’m getting my silly [read more]

Sep 132013
Formerly Feral - Silly Me

Sometimes… when I’m laying in a nice sunpuddle…. and I’m feeling all warm and fuzzy… I get the urge to do… Something silly! I hope you all get the urge to do something silly this weekend,  too! Hey, guess what?  That orange stripey cat is today’s guest star over at HH and the Boys.  Click [read more]

Aug 132008
What's That Wally Doing???

Everyone wants to know… “What’s that Wally Doing???” Well, what am I doing??? a) Getting ready to put my dirty pawprints on the ceiling!! b) Preparing to walk on the ceiling! c) Pretending I’m Michaelangelo!  Get me some paint! d) Showing Ceiling Cat my Full Monty!! e) or just being the silly kitty that I am!!! Share [read more]