Aug 122015
What's That Wally Doing?

Hi everybuddy.  You remember last week when we showed you the shark hat that we won from 15AndMeowing, don’tcha?  Apparently many of you were disappointed none of us would try the hat on.  Well, I’m not one that likes to disappoint our furiends and fans.  So, the other day I agreed to bite the proverbial [read more]

Aug 032015
I'm Not Wearing That

What’s this, Wally? It’s a shark hat.  We won it in a giveaway that 15AndMeowing had a couple of weeks ago to celebrate Shark Week. Well, I’m not wearing that thing, Wally. Me either, Ernie. I’d much rather play with the fishes that we also won. Or this chicken drumstick. I’ve been wanting one of [read more]