Jul 212014
Mancats - I Can Too Share!

See, Ernie.  You think I can’t share? I can too share the window with you. Yeah, I know, Wally. You share when you wanna. That’s right, Ernie.  And now…I’m outta here. *sniff sniff* Yeah, Wally.  And it seems you have no problem sharing your smells, too. Phew!

Nov 142012
What's That Wally Doing?

Jeez, it’s bad enough that Ernie always tries to steal my napping spots, now I gotta share my spot with this character.  I wouldn’t mind, but he won’t stop staring at me!  Well, at least he doesn’t make much noise! Hey, buddy!  I can feel your beady eyes on my back!  Stop staring!  Sheesh!! We wanna mention again that [read more]

May 142012
Mancats - More Ladder Wars

Maybe if I sit here and give Wally the stink eye he’ll move and I can have the top of the ladder. Sheesh…the things I have to put up with around here. I know! If I yell real loud, he’ll move for sure!! Ayyyyyeeeeeeee!!!! Now he’s really annoying me. Rats!!  That didn’t work either! Guess I’ll just [read more]

Oct 102011
Mancats - Indian Summer

Hey, Wally…hasn’t the weather been great lately?? Nice and warm…and lots of sun!!  Oh yeah, Ernie…we’re getting in some good window whiffies!! I think they call this Indian Summer, Ernie… A time in autumn when there’s some nice weather before the cold stuff comes.  I don’t care what they call it, Wally… All I know is that I sure like it!! [read more]

Mar 272009
Formerly Feral - Sharing

Hey, Ernie!  Wanna share this sunbeam with me??? Yeah, Zoey!  Count me in!! You should feel lucky that I’m sharing with you, Ernie… I may not be so generous next time!! Geez, Zoey…thanks…I think… (Ssshhhhh!!  Don’t tell Ernie but I kinda like it when he hangs with me!!) Hey, I finally pestered the lady with the yellow [read more]

Dec 262008
Nipped Out!!!

We hope you all had a great Christmas and Santa Paws was good to you! What did Santa bring us?? A nip nanner!! This is some potent nip, Ernie!!! Let go, Wally…lemme have the nanner!!! Guess we gotta share it, Ernie!! Whoa!!  I think I’m nipped out… Hey…could someone stop this room from spinning???