Dec 022021
A Visit from Bat Cat

Hi guys! Guess who came to visit the other day? Bat Cat! I like when he comes to visit. He’s quiet and doesn’t try to steal my food or toys. And everything seems to be much brighter with him here. The only problem? He didn’t stay very long. I hope he comes to visit again [read more]

Sep 072021
A Sunpuddle Invader

You guys! I dunno who this guy thinks he is…invading my space here. He’s a fair-weather “friend” because he only shows up when the sun shines and I’m sitting in a sunpuddle. But he looks way bigger than me so I don’t think I’ll be asking him to move anytime soon.

Jan 152017
Easy E's Shadowless Selfie Sunday

I don’t know who this guy on the wall is, but he’s not taking a selfie with me for today. I told him he couldn’t and y’know what? He disappeared! Just like that. Interestingly, the sun disappeared at the same time. Coincidence? I wonder… So with him gone and not distracting me, I could focus [read more]