Dec 262013
Thankful Thursday - Secret Paws

Hi everybuddy!  Ernie here. We hope you all had a great Christmas! On Christmas morning, we finally got to open our Secret Paws package. Just look at all these nicely wrapped presents, Wally. Who are they from, Ernie? Wally, they’re from Smokey, Tanner and Ollie at Four Crazy Cats. Whoa, that’s funny, Ernie!  We’re their Secret [read more]

Dec 262011
Secret Paws!

Hi everybuddy!  We hope you all had a really good Christmas!! Even though our Secret Paws package came a few days ago, we had to wait until Christmas to open it. C’mon!!  Why do we have to wait??  Let’s open this!! Finally!  Christmas morning…we got to open the box! It was from the Ozark Mountain [read more]

Dec 242010
Christmas Eve Secret Paws!

Whoa!  Look at this huge box that the man in brown shorts left on our front porch! It’s our Secret Paws package from The OK Cats, Fuzzy and Zoe! Y’know…we were their Secret Paws, too!! C’mon, mom!!  It’s Christmas Eve! Let us open it!! Hey!  There’s three bags of presents… One for each of us! I’m [read more]

Dec 212009
Finally!  Secret Paws!!

FINALLY!! We got to open our Secret Paws package!! And look who it’s from! The Sherwood Cats and the The Taylor Cats!! Look at all this stuff, Wally!!  I know, Ernie!  We hit the jackpot!! There’s Temptations and Whiskas and some jingle balls and a tweeting birdie and lots of catnip toys… And this great crinkle sack!!! This big catnip pillow [read more]

A Tuesday Tale

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Dec 082009
A Tuesday Tale

See this big box under our naked Christmas tree??  (Yeah, mom still hasn’t put the toys…I mean ornaments…on the tree!)  It’s our Secret Paws package that the man in the bloo shorts brought yesterday!!  (‘Cept it’s so cold, he’s not wearing shorts now.)   Mom says we can’t open it yet…we hafta wait until closer to Christmas!!  But I [read more]

Dec 222008
ManCats - Secret Paws!

Whooohooo!  Hey, Ernie! Our Secret Paws package arrived!!  C’mon, mom!  Open it!! We wanna see who our Secret Paws is!! Hey, Ernie!!  It’s Frito and Cheeto!! Now what did they send us??!? Wow!!  Lookit all the presents we got!!! There’s some catnip toys and Temptations and feather toys and this GREAT blanket!! Yeah, Wally…and this cool box!!! Hey, Wally…go [read more]