Sep 152019
Easy E's Scratcher Selfie Sunday

Hey guys. I’ve been hanging out lately in my box scratcher. I haven’t used it in awhile…but the other day, I rediscovered it. I’m glad I did…I forgot how much I like lying on it. And scratching it, too. I decided to take my selfie from here. Hey…I think this is a pretty good one. [read more]

Nov 182018
Easy E's Last Scratcher Selfie Sunday

Hey guys. The other day, I did the unthinkable. I yakked on this scratcher. Down on the other end…you can’t see it in this picture. Besides, I don’t think you’d wanna see it. It was most of my breakfast…it was pretty gross. The mom tried to clean it off…but she says you just can’t clean [read more]

May 272018
Easy E's Chilled Selfie Sunday

Hey guys. It’s Memorial Day weekend and I’ve been getting my easy on here on the scratcher. It’s a great place to chillax…and do nothing. And that’s what this weekend is all about…doing nothing. Am I right? I took my selfie for today while I was sitting here. I didn’t wanna move because you never [read more]

Apr 072017
Getting Creative and Cat Scouts Cardwood Derby Voting

Hi everybuddy. The lady with the yellow hair was trying to be creative with her picture taking and took this one of me through the infinity scratcher. She tried to coax me through the scratcher but I rarely do what she asks me to do. I’m my own cat and I’ll do what I want [read more]

Oct 122012
Formerly Feral - On the Scratcher

Hi everybuddy!  Those boycats are always hogging this scratcher.  But I don’t see them around…so it’s my turn with it now!! Oh yeah, I thought I’d update you on my *pooping* situation, in case you’re wondering how that’s going.  Well, I’m not pooping as often as the lady with the yellow hair and the evil v-e-t would like [read more]

May 072012
Mancats - Scratcher Battle

Hey, Wally! Why don’t you move and let me get on the scratcher?  No, Ernie…this scratcher is mine. Aw, c’mon, Wally!  Move!!  No way, Ernie!  Leave me alone!! I’m gonna poke you ’til you move!! Hmmmm… He’s not moving even with my persistent poking. Ernie, I may give in to you on a lot of [read more]