May 102012
Rerun Thursday

In honor of our furiend, Fin, who went to the Rainbow Bridge, we’re re-running our post that we did for Scofflaw Week.  This originally ran on August 23, 2010.  This one’s for you, Finny!! Our furiend, Fin, has declared this week as Scafflaw Week…a week for us cats to break all the rules and be [read more]

Aug 272010
Formerly Feral - Little Angel?

There’s been a lot of rule-breaking around here this week… but not by me!!  Those boycats are always getting into trouble, but I never do anything wrong! NEVER!! Okay…well maybe there was that one incident with the plague ratsie’s tail getting chewed off… But I tell you!!  That rat was asking for it!!!

Aug 232010
Mancats - Rules?  What Rules?

Our furiend, Fin, has declared this week as Scafflaw Week…a week for us cats to break all the rules and be down right naughty!! But everybuddy knows that us cats NEVER follow the rules… Like the rule that we’re not suppose to eat the plants… We nom away!!  And the one that we shouldn’t mess up the cushions on the couch… We mess them [read more]