Dec 202015
Easy E's Santa Selfie Sunday...with Wally and Zoey

Hey everybuddy.  Well, the mom is at it again…making me wear a silly Santa hat for my selfie this week.  But this time, I’m not alone…Wally and Zoey are sharing my pain. So whaddaya guys think?  Who wore it best? Cod, I feel silly wearing this thing. Is this photo shoot over yet? The lady [read more]

Jul 272009
Christmas in July

We’re celebrating Christmas in July!!  We were paired up with the Ozark Mountain Cats…8 kitties that live with their biped in Mizzura (as the locals there like to call it). Hey, this is a pretty big box they sent us! C’mon…open it already!!!   Look at all these presents in here!!! I kinda like the [read more]