Oct 212019
You Get the Raspberry

Hey  guys! Pfffffttt! No…I’m not giving you guys the raspberry. This one is strictly for the mom. Wanna know why? Let me tell you. So there I was last night…lying in front of the fire…warming my furs. When all of a sudden, the mom turned the fire off! Jeez! I was all warm and toasty. [read more]

Jul 172011
Not So Easy E Sunday

Our mom is going away for a few days…to “hangout” with some girlfriends.  Well, I’m not liking this very much.  Personally, I think she should just stay home and “hangout” with me.  It’s bad enough she leaves almost everyday to go to her job-thingy.  But at least she comes home everyday.  Our dad-guy will take care of us while she’s [read more]