Jun 162023
Flashback Friday - The Contortionist

It’s been quite awhile since we’ve done a Flashback Friday. And today we have a special one. We’re flashing back to June 2018…and featuring our special orange boy, Wally. One thing about him is that he could sleep in the strangest positions. He was quite the contortionist! Sometimes I thought he might tie himself into [read more]

Feb 182023
Four Years...

I’m remembering Wally…my handsome orange boy…who left this world 4 years ago today. 48 months…208 weeks…1460 days…35,040 hours…2,102,400 minutes without him. But in all that time, I’ve never stopped thinking of him…or missing him…or loving him. ♫ ♪ But all I’ve got is a photograph… And I realize you’re not coming back anymore. ♪ ♫ [read more]

Jan 062023
Remembering Zoey...Two Years Gone

Remembering my beautiful green-eyed girl today. It’s hard to believe it’s been 2 years since she left this world. And think of her as living In the hearts of those she touched For nothing loved is ever lost – And she was loved so much. ~Ellen Brenneman Zoey…you live in my thoughts and in my [read more]

Feb 182022
Three Years...

My precious Wally, How can it be that three years have gone by since I said goodbye to your sweet face? Three years…36 months…156 weeks…1065 days…26,280 hours…1,576,800 minutes. The years…months…days…hours…minutes pass and I STILL miss you. I will NEVER stop missing you. And I will ALWAYS love you. Love, Mom

Jan 062022
One Year Ago...Remembering Zoey

It was one year ago today that Zoey left this world. Sometimes it feels like just yesterday…and other times it feels like forever. But a day doesn’t go by without thinking of my beautiful green-eyed girl. Forever missed…and always loved. I thought of you today But that is nothing new. I thought about you yesterday [read more]