The Closet Player

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Dec 042020
The Closet Player

Hi everybuddy. The lady with the yellow hair caught me playing with some catnip toys the other day. I was licking them and kicking them like crazy. Of course I stopped as soon as she saw me and started taking pictures. Y’see…she doesn’t see me playing with toys very much though she knows I do [read more]

Tied Up

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Jul 242020
Tied Up

Hi everybuddy. The lady with the yellow hair thought I needed some playtime and got the rainbow snake wand toy out for me to play with. Jeez…from here it looked gigantic. But I knew I could show that snake who’s boss. I glared at it. And then put the bitey on it. And gave it a [read more]

May 062018
Easy E's Playtime Selfie Sunday

Hey guys. I’ve been feeling pretty good lately and getting in a lot of playtime with my Yeoww nip heart. When I put the bitey on it, I get that delectable taste of nip. Mmmmmm…it tastes so good. Okay…I know it’s selfie day…so let me take a quick one. Do I look a little nipped [read more]

Sep 302016
I'm a Lazy Player

The lady with the yellow hair says I’m a lazy player. I get bored with playing quickly. Today she’s trying to entice me into playing more with this fuzzy, feather wand toy. Okay…I’ll play along…. Sheesh, lady! Shoving it in my face isn’t gonna get me to play with it. Besides, it’s tickling my nose. [read more]

Jul 152013
Mancats - C'mon Let's Play!

Hi kitties.  Wally here. You see Ernie up there? Y’know, he just can’t be trusted. You think he’s sitting there quietly… But I know he’s really concocting some evil plan to attack. See!  I told you!  The bopping begins! I am so outta here!! All is quiet for now… But I must remain ever vigilant. I [read more]

May 022012
What's That Wally Doing?

Oh look…it’s my orange turbo tracker. It’s been awhile since I’ve played with it. Hmmmm…there’s 3 balls here. Decisions, decisions. Which one should I hit first?? The blue one!! Thanks to Katie and Glogirly for showing us how to make a gif. This was our first attempt and it was pretty easy even for the [read more]

Jan 252010
ManCats - Playtime

So what toy do you wanna play with today, Wally?? Well, Ernie…since there’s no one around to turn on Undercover Mouse, we gotta play with the Turbo Track… Ernie, you’d think with those big feets of yours you’d learn how to turn this on… But I wanted to play with the Turbo Track all along!! [read more]