Aug 112019
Easy E's Selfie with a Monstera Sunday

Hey guys. The mom has been getting into houseplants a lot more lately. Well, she’s always liked plants and there’s always been some around the house. But since moving, she’s got more room for more plants now. She recently bought this beauty. It’s called a monstera deliciosa. Boy, that’s a weird name for a plant, [read more]

Feb 042009
What's That Wally Doing?

Everyone wants to know… What’s That Wally Doing? Hey, these leaves look tasty… think I’ll have a little nibble… Wally!  Stop eating that plant!! Oh look, mom just watered this plant… think l’ll have a little drink… Wally!  Stop drinking that dirty plant water!! Oh…bubble wrap!! Maybe I’ll have a little chew… Wally!  Stop eating that plastic!! Hey…look at [read more]