May 252018
It's a Long Holiday Weekend!

Hi everybuddy. It’s the 3-day Memorial Day holiday weekend here…and I plan on celebrating by sitting in the window watching Bird and Squirrel TV. Okay, I know that’s what I do everyday whether it’s a holiday or not. But it is entertaining! The lady with the yellow hair is planting a lot of flowers this [read more]

May 242010
Mancats - Planting Flowers

Hi everybuddy!  Wally here. The weather was really nice yesterday and mom got to plant flowers!!    Look at all those flowers, Ernie! Mom’s gonna be busy!!  Yeah, Wally!!  She should let us help her! We could dig in the dirt… Just like we dig in our litter boxes!!   Hey, Wally!  Look!!  It’s Mr. [read more]

Easy E SUNday

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May 232010
Easy E SUNday

After raining most of the day yesterday, we’re finally getting some sun today.  Quite appropriate since today is SUNday, dontcha think??  Mom was all crabilated yesterday ‘cuz she couldn’t do her flower planting with all that rain.  Maybe she can do some today.  Me??  I’m gonna spend the day doing some sun-snoozing!!  Hope there’s sun wherever you are!! Happy [read more]

May 112009
ManCats - The Plan

Hey, Ernie…I just gotta get outside somehow… Hey look, Wally!  Mom’s planting flowers out there… maybe you could convince her to let you help!  That’s a great plan, Ernie! Hey, mom…you need some help with those flowers?? I’m a really good digger, you know… You always tell me that I must be digging to China [read more]