Thankful Thursday

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May 202010
Thankful Thursday

I wanna thank Ayla & Iza’s The Big Thing for telling us how to fix my smooshed purple ball.  He said to drop it in some boiling water. So my mom did…and LOOK!!!! BEFORE AFTER  Yippee!!  It’s all fixed and whappable again!!! Thanks, TBT!! (now don’t step on it again, dad-guy!) Oh yeah…and we put the [read more]

May 042010
Asking a Favor

We have a favor to ask of all our furiends in the U.S.   The local rescue group we support, P.A.W.S. of Michigan, is planning to open a low cost, high quality, high quantity spay/neuter clinic in our area sometime this year.  In order to raise funds for this clinic, they’ve entered this idea in the [read more]