Oct 032012
What's That Wally Doing?

Since the ladder got taken away because of Ernie’s “restricted activities” the mom felt sorry for us and gave us this comfy blanket to snooze on.  She musta felt really sorry for me because she gave me a new nip tomato, too.  Ahhhhhhh…Ernie’s issues have some advantages! The mom’s leaving us for a few days.  She’s going [read more]

Jun 162012
It's Party Time!

♫ ♪ They say it’s my birthday!  Happy birthday to me! ♫ ♪ That’s right! 9 years ago today…I entered this world! Okay…get your SQUEEEE on! Time for Baby Wally pics!! I can’t even remember being this small! And check me out with all my brothers and sisters!  So c’mon!  It’s party time! Celebrate with me!! [read more]

Jul 062008
The Purrthday Girl!

Welcome to my 1st PURRTHDAY CELEBRATION!!!  I don’t remember exactly when I was born but the V.E.T. told the Lady with the Yellow Hair that I probably was born around this time last year.  I heard the LwtYH tell the Nice Guy that 1st birthdays are important and that based on the rough start to life that I had [read more]