Mar 062022
Easy E's Smelly Selfie

Hey guys. No…my selfie isn’t smelly. It’s my house! So the painting strangers are finished and gone…thank cod. But now the house smells stinky…and it’s not from my litter box! Let me tell you…the fumes could knock you out! The mom said I’m exaggerating about the smell but even she admitted it’s annoying. She said [read more]

Hiding Out

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Mar 032022
Hiding Out

You guys! Can you guess where I am? Can you? If you guessed under the bed…you’d be right. Wanna know why I’m under here? Do you? Because there’s been strangers in my house the past couple of days! The mom says they’re here painting. Well, you know how I feel about strangers. I don’t like [read more]

Sep 132013
Formerly Feral - Silly Me

Sometimes… when I’m laying in a nice sunpuddle…. and I’m feeling all warm and fuzzy… I get the urge to do… Something silly! I hope you all get the urge to do something silly this weekend,  too! Hey, guess what?  That orange stripey cat is today’s guest star over at HH and the Boys.  Click [read more]

Sep 102013
I'm a Guest Star!

Hey, everybuddy!  It’s me…Ernie!  Guess who’s the guest star today over at HH and the Boys…Bugsy and Knuckles? ME!! For those of you who may not know, HH is a talented painter.  This month she’s pawticipating in another “30 Paintings in 30 Days” painting challenge.  Click HERE to go see the fabulous painting HH did of [read more]

Jan 252013
Formerly Feral - Meatloaf

The lady with the yellow hair says this is my meatloaf position.  That’s appropriate since I plan on doing a lot of loafing this weekend.  What’re you gonna be doing this weekend?? Hey, have you guys seen what the very talented HH over at Max the Quilt Cat has been doing?  She’s doing a painting challenge for [read more]

Easy E Sunday

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Mar 082009
Easy E Sunday

Hey, mom!  Whatcha doing up there??? I’m painting, Ernie. Now that the worker guys are almost finished, we have a lot of painting to do. Oh, do ya want some help?? No, Ernie…I think I can handle this…why don’t you go play… Okay…don’t say I didn’t offer… But if you need me… I’ll be whapping some stuff [read more]