Dec 242012
Christmas Eve - We're Ready!

It’s Christmas Eve…and we’re ready! The tree’s all decorated. (And still standing!)    Our ornaments are on it. Including one for the kitties that came before us. Our stockings are hung on the fireplace with care. And this is where I’m gonna stay all day and night waiting for the Big Guy in Red to get [read more]

Dec 172012
Winnie's Wish Ornaments

Hey, Wally.  Did you see?  We got our Winnie’s Wish Ornaments!  Yep, I saw, Ernie.  The mom already hung them on the tree. Lookee!   They got our names on them!! Yeah, Wally.  Andrea, over at Celestial Kitties, did a great job making these. And all the green papers raised from the sale of these ornaments [read more]

Easy E Sunday

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Dec 162012
Easy E Sunday

Well, this looks like a fun toy! *whap whap whap* Oh yeah…very whappable! Now let’s see how it tastes. *putting the bitey on it* Ernie!  Leave that ornament alone! Oh no!  It’s the mom! Where’d you come from?? Ernie…I’m like Santa…I’m everywhere and I see all. Yeah…and you know how to ruin a good time. [read more]

Jan 042012
What's That Wally Doing?

Yay!  My ladder’s back!! Don’t get me wrong…I liked having that tree in the house with all the pretty toys ornaments to play with. But I think it’s unfair that my ladder got put away to make room for the tree. Hey!  I got an idea!! Maybe next year we should just hang the ornaments on my ladder!! Share [read more]

Dec 122011
Mancats - Undecorating!

Hey Wally!  Did you see?? Mom finally got the Christmas tree decorated!!  Yeah, Ernie…it only took her a week to do it!! A whole week with no tree toys to play with…er… I mean…pretty ornaments to look at! Did she hang our ornaments on it? Oh yeah, Wally…yours, mine and Zoey’s! Well, we better rest [read more]

Dec 082010
What's That Wally Doing?

Okay…I know I shouldn’t be up here… But during the holidays, there’s so many decorations and fun things to play with! And I just can’t resist!! Like this Santa Kitty! I’ve been wanting to put the bitey on him ever since he came out of hiding!! Gotcha!! Yep, I just can’t resist!! Just wait ’til that tree gets all [read more]

Dec 242009
We Are Ready!!

It’s Christmas Eve! The tree is all decorated…    Our ornaments are on it… Including the ornament for the ones that came before…   Our stockings are hung on the fireplace…   Okay!  We’re ready, Wally!! Yep, Ernie…all we need now is the Big Guy in red…   Hey!!  Did you hear that?!? Could that be [read more]