Apr 032009
Formerly Feral - Turbo Track!

Lookie!  I got my Turbo Track!!!  It’s really fun cuz the ball just doesn’t go round and round in a circle…it goes around and up and down and around again.  And you can change the shape if you want!! The lady with the yellow hair sez I hafta let Ernie and that orange stripey cat [read more]

Oct 212008
Tabbies are Special! Tuesday

We tabbies think we’re purrty great, don’t we? But did you know how special we really are?? You know how we have an “M” on our foreheads? Did you ever wonder why?? There’s a story that back long time ago the baby Jesus was in the manger crying really loud!  A small cat cuddled up next to Him [read more]

Oct 172008
Formerly Feral - The Tease

Even though I’m still learning to like that orange-stripey cat, I get along okay with Ernie.  And lately, I’ve been having fun teasing him from under the door…Ernie’s fun to tease!  Heehee!! Hey, Ernie!  C’mere!! C’mon, Ernie!  Take the bait!!   Heeheehee!  You can’t get me!!!   Share Us!FacebookTwitterPinterestStumbleUponTumblremail

Sep 262008
Formerly Feral - Thinking

I wonder if I’m ever gonna get out of this room permanently… The lady with the yellow hair says I have to be nicer to the other cats… ‘specially the orange-stripey one. Hmmmm…if that’s what it takes, I’m gonna have to think about that… Share Us!FacebookTwitterPinterestStumbleUponTumblremail

Sep 052008
Formerly Feral - The Big Scare

So earlier this week I gave the lady with the yellow hair a real scare. Since I’m still being kept separated from that orange-stripey cat, she made this make-shift toy by putting ping-pong balls on both ends of a long string, then she put the string under the door of my room so that I had one ball [read more]