Apr 072017
Getting Creative and Cat Scouts Cardwood Derby Voting

Hi everybuddy. The lady with the yellow hair was trying to be creative with her picture taking and took this one of me through the infinity scratcher. She tried to coax me through the scratcher but I rarely do what she asks me to do. I’m my own cat and I’ll do what I want [read more]

Sep 092016
Don't Eat the Merchandise! #PetBloggerBloopers

It’s Pet Blogger Bloopers time again! That’s right…it’s the Pet Blogger Bloopers Round-Up hosted by The Lazy Pit Bull.  All you have to do is post a blooper photo…a random, silly photo…y’know, one that normally would end up in the recycle bin. Hi everybuddy. It’s me…Zoey. Today, it’s that orange stripey cat’s turn to look silly [read more]

Apr 062012
Formerly Feral - I'll Show Him!

So that orange stripey cat said something the other day about skinning me?!?  Well, I’ll show him!  See this nip nanner here?  It’s his.  Or so he claims it is.  I don’t see his name on it.  Y’know what I’m gonna do to it?  I’m gonna lick it and bite it and get my spits all over [read more]

Jun 172011
Formerly Feral - Too Much Nip!

So yesterday was the orange-stripey cat’s birthday. He wanted to thank everybuddy who came by and wished him happy birthday, but he’s not feeling up to it right now. So I gotta do it for him.  Thanks, everybuddy!!  Y’see…he did a little too much celebrating. Just look at how hungover he is…he’s pitiful. Ugggghhhh… Too.  Much.  [read more]

Aug 212009
Formerly Feral - Nip Nanner

Look what I got!  A nip nanner!! And I don’t hafta share it with Ernie and that orange-stripey cat. ‘Cuz this nip nanner’s all mine!! The lady with the yellow hair bought it just for me!!! Those stupid boycats destroyed the old nip nanner… they got it all wet and chewed holes in it…   See???  This is the [read more]