Easy E Sunday

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Aug 122012
Easy E Sunday

Hey, everybuddy!  I wanna show you something! It’s outside on our patio. The mom found this cool kitty planter and she put our nip plant in it. Very appropriate, don’tcha think?? I like his smiley face…you’d smile too if you had nip in you. Speaking of which, I sure could go for some of that [read more]

Nov 252011
We Got Turkey!

What’s the best thing about Thanksgiving?? We got turkey!! Check this out, Ernie!  We get the leavings!! Oh yeah, Wally!!  Turkey right off the bone!! I feel like one of the big cats in the wild! *Nom Nom Nom* Hmmpfff!  Those uncouth mancats! I’m more civilized and prefer mine from my bowl! Okay, okay…we’ll use a plate… Well, [read more]

Nov 262010
How We Spent Our Thanksgiving

How We Spent Our Thanksgiving I waited patiently for that bird to come out of the oven… Me too… I even offered to be civilized and eat on the table. And then… after waiting and waiting… finally… WE GOT TURKEY!! Ernie…what happened to being civilized?? You’re eating on the floor!! It tastes better that way, Wally!! Mmmmm…good! Nom nom nom!!! [read more]