I Got Fresh Nip

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Jul 172015
I Got Fresh Nip

Hi everybuddy. Excuse me if I don’t say much today. I got this fresh nip to devour… and I hear it’s not polite to talk with my mouth full. *nom nom nom* There’s still time to enter our Purrfect Play toy giveaway! Click HERE for the details and to enter. Share Us!FacebookTwitterPinterestStumbleUponTumblremail

Nov 172014
Mancat - Silver Lining

Hey everybuddy!  Y’know…one of the advantages of being sick or having a health issue is that I get some special treatment.  Like getting to eat wherever I want…like right here on my Kittyblock. The mom wanted to make sure I was eating enough and since I wasn’t interested in eating in the kitchen, she decided [read more]

Jun 172013
Mancats - Fresh Nip!

So, how’s it feel to be 10, Wally? Jeez, I dunno, Ernie…it’s not much different from being 9. Did you have fun on your birthday? Yeah, Ernie…I sure did. I ‘specially liked getting some homegrown fresh nip from our nip plant. It’s looking really good, don’tcha think? Yep…looks like it’s gonna be a bumper crop [read more]

Nov 252011
We Got Turkey!

What’s the best thing about Thanksgiving?? We got turkey!! Check this out, Ernie!  We get the leavings!! Oh yeah, Wally!!  Turkey right off the bone!! I feel like one of the big cats in the wild! *Nom Nom Nom* Hmmpfff!  Those uncouth mancats! I’m more civilized and prefer mine from my bowl! Okay, okay…we’ll use a plate… Well, [read more]

Nov 262010
How We Spent Our Thanksgiving

How We Spent Our Thanksgiving I waited patiently for that bird to come out of the oven… Me too… I even offered to be civilized and eat on the table. And then… after waiting and waiting… finally… WE GOT TURKEY!! Ernie…what happened to being civilized?? You’re eating on the floor!! It tastes better that way, Wally!! Mmmmm…good! Nom nom nom!!! [read more]

Nov 022009
ManCats - Fresh Nip

Wow!  Hey, Ernie…mom cut down our nip plant outside and put some fresh nip in this bag! C’mon, mom!!  Give us some!!   Mmmmmm!!  I think I’m in heaven, Ernie… whadda ’bout you???   ::sniff sniff:: This stuff smells great, Wally!!   And it tastes good too! Nom nom nom!! The only thing better than nip [read more]