Jul 272015
I Get No Respect

Ernie…I was here first. Why don’t you find some place else to sleep? There’s plenty of room here for both of us, Wally. Sheesh…I can never have a spot to myself. And the mom wonders why I like sleeping up high on the bedroom dresser. I tell ya…I get no respect around here. Share Us!FacebookTwitterPinterestStumbleUponTumblremail

Jan 192015
Mancats - No Respect

Ernie…I know what you’re thinking. Don’t you dare come down here and try to squeeze me out of this spot. Aw, Wally…you always think I’m gonna try and steal your spot. I’m quite comfy here and I don’t have any intention of moving. 5 minutes later… Sorry, Wally…I changed my mind. Sheesh…I get no respect around [read more]

May 132013
Mancats - No Respect

Kitties…I got a problem.  Y’see, I just can’t find a napping spot all to myself.  Y’know…a spot where you can stretch out and get your snooze on without interference from anybuddy else? Here I was…on the chair…snoozing away…when Ernie…aka Mr. Big Feets…jumped up and pushed his way into my spot. So I thought…okay…I’ll move over [read more]

Oct 242011
Mancats - No Respect

Hmmmm…this isn’t working… I need more room! Ernie…why do you always have to squish in and take my sleeping spot? There’s not enough room for both of us here! Well, Wally…you can always go over to the other side of the chair. But I was here first, Ernie!! You should move!!  Zzzzzzzzzzz…  Ernie??  Ernie?? I [read more]