Jul 292018
Easy E's Strange Selfie Sunday

Hey guys. Hello from ground level. That’s how I took my selfie for today. Do you like it? It’s been a strange few days around here. On Thursday night, the power went out in our neighborhood. Y’ know what that means, right? No internets, no TV, no nothing. Now for us cats, stuff like that [read more]

May 242011
Two on Tuesday - No Power!

Hi everybuddy!  Wally here!  Yesterday we had some bad storms that knocked out our power all night!  And y’know what that means!!  No power…no computer…no innernets…no blogging!!  RATS!!  Fortunately, the power was back on this morning. Last night after the storm, we looked outside to see if there was any damage (even though having no innernets [read more]