Jun 292020
Holding the Floor Down

You guys. Y’know those nip toys in my tunnel you saw yesterday? Well, I played like heck with them. And lickity-licked them until they were soggy. Now…I got a nip hangover. It’s so bad, I gotta hold the floor down to keep it from moving. Ugh. When will I ever learn? I’m getting too old [read more]

Jun 062011
Mancats - A Fair Fight

Oh wow!  This is some great nip in this cigar!! ::Lickity Lickity Lickity:: All this nip!!  Whooweee!!  I’m feeling invincible!! C’mon, Ernie!!  Let’s wrassle!! You wanna piece of me??? Wally, no way am I gonna wrassle you!! With the way you’re nipped out… I could beat you with one paw tied behind my back!! What fun’s that???  Wrasslin’ a [read more]

Nipped Out!

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Mar 122010
Nipped Out!

Thanks to everybuddy that came by and celebrated my GOTCHA DAY with me!  I musta had a good time, because somehow I ended up passed out in Zoey’s ham-mick!!  (I think it was that fresh home grown baby nip Cory brought to the party that did me in!  Whoa!  That stuff’s potent!!) Zoey’s not gonna be happy [read more]