Dec 302011
Formerly Feral - My New Mousie

This is my new nip mousie that Santa Paws brought me. As you can see…I’ve been giving him a proper welcoming… by putting the bitey on him!! Oh yeah…we’re still totalling up the comments from yesterday’s commentathon, and we’ll have the results tomorrow.  Thanks everybuddy, for all the nice things you said about us and our [read more]

Oct 182010
Mancats - Prize Package

A few weeks ago, Four Crazy Cats had a toesie guessing contest and we won!!  We got our prize package from them.  Lookit what we got!! A couple of Halloween notepads for mom… and a bunch of nip toys!! Whoohoo!!   ::sniff sniff:: There’s some primo nip in these toys!!! This purple octopus looks like fun…and tasty!!! [read more]