Oct 102021
Easy E's Nip Cigar Selfie

Hey guys. I’m hanging out here with my nip cigar. Y’know…there’s nothing like having a nip cigar after a good meal. Or even before a good meal. Anytime is a good time for a nip cigar. Hey…anybuddy got a light?? I’m pawticipating in The Cat on My Head Sunday Selfies Blog Hop. To join the [read more]

Jun 062011
Mancats - A Fair Fight

Oh wow!  This is some great nip in this cigar!! ::Lickity Lickity Lickity:: All this nip!!  Whooweee!!  I’m feeling invincible!! C’mon, Ernie!!  Let’s wrassle!! You wanna piece of me??? Wally, no way am I gonna wrassle you!! With the way you’re nipped out… I could beat you with one paw tied behind my back!! What fun’s that???  Wrasslin’ a [read more]

May 172010
ManCats - Showtime!

Hey, Wally!!  You wanna play with the nip cigar with me?? No, Ernie…you go ahead… You sure, Wally??  It’s smells really good!! And bunny kicking it is a lot of fun!!! No, Ernie…it’s all yours… Sometimes it’s more fun just to sit back and enjoy the show!!!