Dec 312017
Easy E's New Year's Eve Selfie Sunday

Hey guys! It’s New Year’s Eve! Wow, where did this year go? I’ve heard humans say time flies when you’re having fun…so we must be having LOTS of fun! We’re still tallying up the results of our Blogoversary commentathon and will announce the results tomorrow. There’s still time for you to get in on it [read more]

Dec 312015
So Long 2015!

Happy New Year’s Eve, everybuddy!  We’re ready to say goodbye to 2015 and welcome in 2016. A new year means a new start…and we know humans like to make New Year’s resolutions…y’know, ways they can improve themselves or start doing something nice.  Well, even though we think we’re purrfect, we came up with a few [read more]

Dec 312014
What's That Wally Doing?

Hey everybuddy. It’s New Year’s Eve. Time to make those New Year resolutions. And I’m making one resolution for myself. Not to get stuck wearing silly hats anymore! Remember, kitties…if you’re gonna nip tonight… make sure you nip responsibly. Me?  I’m staying home so I’ll be having some nip… maybe a lot of it to [read more]

Dec 312012
Happy New Year's Eve!

Hey kitties!  Ernie here.  Happy New Year’s Eve!  It’s time to ring in the new year!  This is how me and Wally plan to ring in 2013…by taking a snooze and hoping the humans don’t get too loud and wake us. Remember, kitties.  If you’re gonna nip tonight…make sure you nip responsibly.  Ha!  Check out [read more]

Dec 312011
Ring In the New Year!

Hi everybuddy!  It’s New Year’s Eve!  Time to ring in the new year!  Me and Wally are gonna be ringing it in by snoozing here on the bed…and hoping the humans don’t get too loud and keep us awake!!  Hey, Wally…why don’t you tell everybuddy the results of our commentathon from the other day? Okay, Ernie.  There [read more]

Dec 312010
Formerly Feral - New Year's Eve

So, I hear tonight’s a special night…time to throw out the old and ring in the new.  Well, I’m gonna ring in the new on my new comfy green cushion that Santa Claws brought me.  The lady with the yellow hair put it under this highboy where I like to hide hang out.  That was nice of [read more]

Dec 312009
It's New Year's Eve!

Well, Wally…it’s the last day of the year…all the humans are gonna be celebrating tonight…ringing in the new year… Yeah, Ernie…I heard mom say some people are coming over tonight including a couple of little beans.  They’re gonna play with Wii! We??!?  Is mom using bad grammar again??  Doesn’t she mean they’re gonna play with US??  No, Ernie, [read more]