Jan 042017
What's That Wally Doing?

Hey…what’s this? Oh…it’s one of the presents we got in our Secret Paws package from Truffle and Brulee. Wow! The scent of valerian is overpowering! I can’t resist it! Waydaminit…Ernie’s not around, is he? He’ll try to steal this toy from me for sure. Good…I don’t see him. Time to give this toy a workout! [read more]

Sep 292008
ManCats - Something New

Look, Ernie!  Mom got us a new toy! Well, it’s not exactly a toy… it’s a scratcher thingy to keep us from scratching the furniture and carpet and stuff. It’s still pretty cool, if you ask me. I’ve got to check it out underneath… hey, there’s a toy hanging here…good, something to whap!! Thanks, Mom!  I like [read more]