Oct 012017
Easy E's Selfie Sunday

Hey guys. Wow, hard to believe but it’s already time for another Easy E’s Sunday here on the island. So here I am…sitting on the window seat…on neighborhood watch patrol. Yeah, that’s right…Zoey’s not the only watch cat around here. I take my watch cat duties very seriously. You can see how intensely I’m keeping [read more]

Sep 112015
Neighborhood Watch Cat

I’m on Neighborhood Watch Patrol today. Nothing that happens in this neighborhood is gonna get by me.  Oh, I know what you’re all thinking…I look a little too comfy here to really be on patrol. Hey, a watchcat can be comfy while she keeps the neighborhood safe from dangers, can’t she? It doesn’t mean I’m gonna [read more]

Sep 292014
Watching Mancats

Hi everybuddy!  We’ve been having some great fall weather lately…warm and sunny during the day, cool at night…which means all the Island critters are out in full force…the birdies, squirrels, bunnies…even the vishus deers.  Being the good mancats we are, we watch to make sure our yard is kept free from evil introoders. Well…at least [read more]

Easy E Sunday

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Feb 102013
Easy E Sunday

Ever since our furiend Madi…who was recently elected Mayor of Blogsville…appointed us to her cabinet as Directors of Neighborhood Watch, I’ve been taking my duties very seriously.  I’ve been keeping my eye on all the birdies and the evil squirrels to make sure they don’t get outta line. Well, today, except for a few crazy [read more]